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Acoustic Rock and Country

Susan Chesbrough

Music in one form or another has always been a part of Sues life. Starting back in 1965 at the age of four, she was listening to her moms music-Green Onions, Johnny Mathis, etc. At the age of twelve she was all about Elton John-huge influence on her and that’s when she started playing guitar. Over the years her taste for music has evolved from the early years-Heart, Bad Company, Rolling Stones, Pretenders to Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and today she’s loving Country Music (it’s rock and roll to her). She started playing bass in a three piece band back in 1992. She was living in Trinity County and her husband at that time (guitar & bass player) wanted to start a band. One day he handed her his bass and asked, “Hey, can you learn to play this please?” So for the next 5 years she played bass and helped out with vocals. Today she is a member of C4INC rockin Northern California and singing with Chris in Full View

Chris Chesbrough

Chris Chesbrough has been playing music for over 40 years. When he was 12 years old his family was on a voyage throughout the South Pacific on their 41 ft. Sailboat and the music of the Islands touched his soul. He first learned to play the wooden drums, the Marquesas Islands style Ukulele and then guitar. Chris studied vocal techniques at the Napa Valley College. Beat and rhythm is the base of Chris’s style of music. Influences include Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray and many other guitar heros. Through out the years he has been in several bands. A country trio in Pasco, Washington, several rock bands doing the club thing in Northern California, High Line Flyers, The Kim Kelley Band and founding member of Road Eleven in Napa. Recording, performing and sound engineering Chris loves all aspects of music.
Especially playing guitar in Full View